The benefits of sunbeds

It’s great to see so many clients enjoying the sunbeds here at our Spalding salon. You may be thinking that this is a quieter time of the year, however our sunbed users right now are trending their habits based mainly¬† on the following all year round benefits. CONTROLLABLE EXPOSURE : Our tanning equipment allows users … Read more

Top five tanning tips right now

Keeping up your tan this autumn has some great benefits. It’s still worth reminding ourselves the best way to get and keep your tan. Tip 1 : Use a lotion. The natural ingredients from Australian Gold (HERE), which we stock here on easy vend, work with your pigment and encourage a better looking tan. Hydration … Read more

What’s your minutes?

Here at our Spalding sunbed salon we have optimised the correct sunbed session lengths for the sunbed lamps, for which have an unrivalled reputation for optimum performance. We constantly monitor and renew our tanning lamps, in fact we are under that process right now. The key when continuing your tanning at our salon is to … Read more