Top five tanning tips right now

Keeping up your tan this autumn has some great benefits. It’s still worth reminding ourselves the best way to get and keep your tan.

Tip 1 : Use a lotion. The natural ingredients from Australian Gold (HERE), which we stock here on easy vend, work with your pigment and encourage a better looking tan. Hydration of the skin is also also a big factor for a better tan. Australian Gold lotions hydrate your skin which will always show in the quality of your skin condition and appearance. They sink right into your skin quickly without any residue or greasy after effects.

Tip 2 : Be consistent.  Keeping your melanin closer to your skin surface, the pigment that tans, will allow you to boost up when you need to much quicker. Consistent tanners (HERE) need less sessions throughout the year to keep their tans, maybe only 2/3 sessions a fortnight. Binge tanners who have long breaks and then may be thinking of over tanning to catch up are never going to have the same professional look to their skin tone. Don’t forget to have the sunbed session time for your skin type too. Different skin types produce different levels of melanin production. The lower your skin type the lower the pigment available in your skin.

Tip 3 : Leave a day between sessions. Your skin cells don’t tan it’s your melanin, your pigment, that tans. When exposed to UV your pigment takes 48 hours to really colour up. Leaving a day in between your sunbed sessions will allow that process to happen before the next dose. Also your skin cells will have time to relax from the UV exposure and lessen the signs of redness.

Tip 4 : Wear sunbed goggles. Your eyes and eye lids are very sensitive and it is important to protect them during exposure to UV. Sunbed goggles are available to wear in our sunbed cubicles, or you can vend your very own from our foyer. Sunbed goggles fit perfectly within the eye socket so there’s no chance of ‘Panda’ eyes!

Tip 5 : Seasonal change benefits. Don’t forget those seasonal benefits to using sunbeds during the Autumn/ Winter months (HERE). You adjust very slowly to the season changes in the UK, and we can really benefit from a warm sunbed during the colder darker months here in the UK.

Don’t forget we are open 7 days a week for stand up or laydown sunbeds, and new clients are always welcome!