Are you ready?

We are coming up to the the traditional sunbed tanning season, so now is the time to remind ourselves about the best tips to enjoy your tanning even more.

If you have seen our previous posts then it will be easy for you to step up this year if you have tanned for your skin type * (HERE) and committed to being a consistent tanner* (HERE.)

If you have your base tan already then it will be easy for you to top up your tan on our sunbeds as your melanin, the pigment that tans, will be closer to the skin surface and ready to top up. If you haven’t been able to be consistent then you need to follow the guidelines in our salon to start on low minutes and gradually work up to your ‘plateau’ minutes for your skin type. The same will apply if you are a new client starting here on our sunbeds.

Another point to remember is to always leave at least a day between your sessions. This is because your exposure on the tanning lamps has stimulated your melanin which takes 48 hours to complete. Tanning two days in a row will expose your skin cells to too much UVA and B while your melanin is colouring up during it’s natural tanning process. You may well end up with a burnt look to your skin rather than a tanned look.

Keeping your skin hydrated will allow your skin to not dry out and looking more professional. Using a proper sunbed lotion will help you with this and it’s great news that the world’s favourite tanning lotion is sold via easy vend right here in our Spalding sunbed salon foyer. You can’t get better than ‘Australian Gold’ * (HERE.) 

So if you stick to the basic sunbed tanning methods then you will always be in control of your tanning and look the best your skin type will allow.

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