What’s your minutes?

Here at our Spalding sunbed salon we have optimised the correct sunbed session lengths for the sunbed lamps, for which have an unrivalled reputation for optimum performance. We constantly monitor and renew our tanning lamps, in fact we are under that process right now.

The key when continuing your tanning at our salon is to know and understand your skin type (HERE) and then you can match your new lamps to your exposure on them.

Here at our sunbed salon we have the correct exposure time recommended for your skin type and new tanning lamps. That means you may be exposing to lower minutes for a while than you had before, but with the knowledge and confidence that it’s the right minutes for your skin type.

Generally if you are skin type 2 or above then the higher the skin type the more melanin (the pigment that tans) you produce and the more minutes you can have on the sunbed lamps. Please take note and be honest with yourself about your skin type as over exposure for your skin type will only burn your skin cells which is not tanning! You can’t force a tan, it happens naturally and is limited to your melanin production.

With our new lamp installations currently ongoing right now at our Spalding sunbed salon, it’s a great time to keep up your sessions. And a friendly reminder, as before, remember to be prepared to leave at least a day in between your sessions to allow your melanin time to colour up and not redden your skin cells. Also existing clients will reduce their normal minutes on our new lamps while the new tubes ‘bed in’.  New tanners and those who have had a break from being a consistent tanner (HERE) need to start on low minute exposure, gradually working up to your skin type plateau minutes to tease your melanin closer to the skin’s surface.

If you are new to sunbeds, or wish to continue your tanning after a break in our sunbed salon then please come to reception and we will help you get started. We hope to see you all soon!