Why do you use sunbeds?

We have been helping Spalding sunbed clients since 2001 here in the Crescent, enjoying their tanning experience for all manner of reasons. In that time we have seen so many trends come and go when it comes to motivation for reaping the benefits of UV light exposure.

Back in the day a tanning experience would normally involve a laydown arrangement of some kind or other, probably way out the back of a hairdressers or gym. You would probably attempt many hours on old and slow lamps to try to stimulate some colour and often in some very dodgy locations! There were only a very few tanned people in your town at that time and they stuck out a mile! And can we ever forget the days when your neighbour would  hire a sunbed for the spare bedroom and you would see the purple glow for hours on end in the evening coming through the curtains!

Then we had the advent of improvements to tanning lamp and upright tanning technology. We pioneered upright tanning in Spalding way back in the mid 1990’s at our previous location, allowing tanning users the opportunity to achieve great results in a much shorter space of time. This when the tanning industry really started to up it’s game, even to the point of skin care manufacturers expanding their portfolios to include indoor tanning creams. We still, after nearly 30 years, sell the worlds favourite tanning lotion brand in our Spalding sunbed salon ‘Australian Gold’ (HERE).

From the early 2000’s tanning trends have been both generational and media driven. Initially the novelty of the new 4 to 15 minute tanning system really ignited the interest for those who tried it once and then repeated because of the positive results and convenience of the tanning equipment.

Then the tanning industry enjoyed the increased boom in pre holiday tanning. Clients were correctly educated to prepare their skin for warmer climates as they had remembered the painful sunburnt nights after landing on the hot tarmac. Pre holiday tanning, pre wedding tanning and pre party tanning were the vogue.

Next in line was the influence of social media. Taking a selfie was right in fashion, as was the start of serious influential celebrities such as the Kardashians. It was really reaching it’s peak just before the pandemic hit.

After we were all out of lockdown the salon was really in demand for a sunbed session. We remember just how desperate people were to get out and do the things they loved once again. Fortunately, despite the queues, we have an express system that allowed a very fast turnaround on the tanning equipment!

So where are we now and who is tanning for what? Well it’s a real mixture for sure, however one increase we have seen this winter is the fact that so many middle aged tanners, both male and female, are using the sunbeds just to feel better. They know from experience that a constant lack of heat and light can really affect your mood and well being They are using their knowledge in advance to stop the onset of grumpiness! And why are so many men using our Spalding sunbed salon? Well we like to think the image and set up of our sunbed area doesn’t alienate the male psyche’. Also a lot of younger guys who lift in the gym know that their bods look great with a tan. Pre holiday tanning is pretty much all year round now because of the popularity of anytime holidays and cruises. We can be in great warm locations in our Autumn and Winter months within 3 hours and it’s cheaper out of season. And what about the younger crowd? It’s all about ‘Tik Tok’ and Instagram these days!

No matter what you tan for you can feel confident that you can find a tanning home right here in our sunbed salon right in the heart of Spalding. See you soon Spalding Tanners of all types!