The benefits of sunbeds

It’s great to see so many clients enjoying the sunbeds here at our Spalding salon. You may be thinking that this is a quieter time of the year, however our sunbed users right now are trending their habits based mainly  on the following all year round benefits.

CONTROLLABLE EXPOSURE : Our tanning equipment allows users to be in charge of their exposure which isn’t always possible with the sun. Having built in timers allow for the correct session time for your skin type. You simply can’t turn the sun on or off!

CONSISTANCY : We are famous for constantly renewing our sunbed tanning lamps when it is required. This provides you with the knowledge that the UVA and UVB exposure when using the equipment is at a level you know is familiar. This is always unpredictable with the sun.

HEALTH SUPPORTING : UV light has a profound effect on our biological make up and physical health. A boost in vitamin D production from UV exposure on sunbeds can also provide a reduction in inflammations, an improvement in certain skin conditions, lowered blood pressure and better heart health can be attained by using a sunbed. The real benefits for this are appreciated particularly during the winter months.

MOOD BOOSTING : UV light has long been associated with impacting your mood. There’s even a medical term used for the ‘winter blues’ – Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). You can use a sunbed and find you may become less upset, jittery, nervous and irritable. This can result in feeling more positive, more interested and more engaged in daily life.

RELAXING: You can really escape the hustle and bustle of modern day life laying on one of our sunbeds. Spalding could almost feel like a beach in Spain if you let yourself imagine so! Music is piped into each private cubicle for that extra getaway, or if you prefer, try laying down in number 4 sunbed which is a quieter cubicle.

EXTRA BENEFITS : Most clients right now are enjoying the natural glow that comes from using sunbeds correctly, that sallow look to your skin tone can be combated by a natural colour to your pigment. And don’t forget you can enjoy all this with probably the best sunbed prices in Spalding coupled with access 7 days a week! BE HAPPY – GET TANNING!