If you would like to enjoy your tanning in Spalding with us like these great customers, then please feel free to register at our reception and enjoy our great sunbeds and stand up tanning with superb lamps.

Sara – ‘Bed 4 has the best fan built in! Amazing on hot days’.

Monique – ‘A tanning salon where you actually leave with a tan! Thank you for actually looking after your sunbeds/ lamps’.

Jason – ‘Highly recommended’.

Ineta – ‘Friendly staff and great place for that price’.

Pauline – ‘Great tanning booths’.

Ervina – ‘Really good solariums, perfect new lamps. Would highly recommend!’

Megan – ‘Always clean’.

Claudia – ‘Great’.

tanning in spalding

New clients are always welcome!

Tanning in Spalding for over 20 years, the Electric Beach tanning salon has helped thousands of customers achieve their best tan possible. As a unisex tanning salon, we attract customers for various reasons. Here are a few examples of why our customers use our great sunbeds and stand ups.