Our tanning customers tell us…

we have the best sunbed and tanning lamp combination in Spalding

We are famous for monitoring and changing the tanning lamps on our sunbeds and stand ups which are frequently replaced and renewed to ensure you have the best possible tanning in Spalding. The strong wattage, larger amount of tubes per sunbed & stand up and the correct UVA and UVB combination ensure that you will feel confident investing in your tanning at the Electric Beach.

We monitor the hours and condition on an ongoing basis and will notify you when we have changed the tanning lamps via social media and within the salon. Please follow us on facebook to keep up with the latest news at the Electric Beach.

We have 2 stand ups and 2 lay down sunbeds with private cubicles. These are serviced by sanitiser, goggles and stools.

Number 4 lay down sunbed is a ‘quiet’ sunbed and cubicle for a more relaxed experience. Music is piped to stand ups no.1, no.2 and sunbed no.3.

Each of the four tanning units have adjustable built in fans to keep you cooler, and the whole salon is serviced by an air removal system, where the air is replaced frequently and exhausted from the salon.

‘What’s great about the tanning equipment at the Electric Beach’?

Stand ups no.1 and 2 by ‘Alisun’ are an industry leader with a track record of reliability and ease of use. The standing area is large enough to feel spacious without compromising your distance from the best tanning lamps available.

Two different hand positions are available to ensure you can have the best posture during your tanning time.

Music is piped straight in to these stand ups for your entertainment.

Lay down sunbeds no. 3 and 4  – by ‘Ergoline’ have an unrivalled reputation in the tanning industry. The beds are big and strong enough to cater for all individuals and allow the capacity for plenty of our great tanning tubes.

The base is body contoured to allow you to lay comfortably while you achieve the best possible tan.

Music is available in sunbed no.3 for your entertainment, while sunbed no.4 is a ‘quiet’ sunbed for a more relaxed environment.

‘What’s better – tanning standing up or laying down?’

Generally, apart from some urban myths, it’s just how you feel your posture is more suited within the cubicle. We have 2 lay down sunbeds and 2 stand up tanners so feel free to make your own personal choice and enjoy your tanning even more!

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From 70p per minute or
Buy £20.00 – Get £5 Free! (up to 35.5 minutes)
Buy £30.00 – Get £9 Free! (up to 55.5 minutes)
Buy £40.00 – Get £14 Free! (up to 77 minutes)