Keep up your tan!

It’s still a great time to keep up your sunbed sessions during the Autumn. Here are the main reasons our Spalding tanners are keeping up their sessions here at the ‘Beach’.

Keeping warm – The temperature has changed very quickly in the last few weeks and it’s too fast for us to acclimatise and adjust how we cope with a colder atmosphere. Our salon’s sunbeds and stand ups are super warm from the get go and you can really feel the heat deep into your body.

Mental Health – We mentally struggle to adjust to the lack of UV light at this time of the year. You can feel so much better after a sunbed session with us that the day will feel that much happier afterwards.

Keep your melanin up – Keep your sessions going and you will keep your melanin, the pigment that tans, closer to your skin surface. That means you will not need to binge tan if you need to tan up quickly.

Winter breaks abroad – Are very popular now with us as some warm destinations are just 4 hours away by flight and cheaper out of season. Keep up your sunbed sessions and you will be ready for those hotter suns abroad.

Autumn fashion colours – Really work well with a tanned skin tone. Also you may wear less make up which normally rubs off on your higher collars at this time of the year.

Gym and tanning – If you have earnt your gym bod then you are probably going to look super funky with todays gym fashions. A gym workout just looks so much better with a natural tan enhancing your body moving and flexing.

If you have your melanin closer to your skin surface you will probably only need 2 -3 maintenance per fortnight. Let’s see you at Spalding’s favourite sunbed tanning soon to keep up your Autumn tans!

New clients welcome, super lamps and open 7 days a week.