Tanning for your party

This season we are now getting ready to enjoy the party season. Whether work, family or nights out we have the opportunity to see this year out and a new year in.

You haven’t left it too late if you feel your skin tone isn’t looking at it’s best for those party clothes, and you can be sure that our sunbeds will be operating to their full potential together with our early opening, evening and weekend access.

If you have been a consistent tanner (HERE) then you only need to have a few extra boost sunbed sessions as your melanin (the skin pigment that tans) is already raised near your skin surface ready for stimulation from the sunbeds UV rays.

If you are unlucky to have let your melanin fall low down from your skin surface by not being consistent then you can always start again safely in time to get your base tan for this years party season. Just remember it’s your skin type that determines your session lengths as this will help you not to burn your skin cells and stimulate your skin types melanin production. Remember, the lower the skin type the lower the minutes you can have which is explained (HERE.)

Higher skin types with a base tan may want to use a ‘bronzer’ lotion to enhance their colour quickly and give that extra glow when using our sunbeds. We are retailers of the world’s biggest and favourite tanning lotion brand ‘Australian Gold’ (HERE) which you can vend right from our Spalding Sunbed salon. The ultimate bronzer for base tanned higher skin types is ‘Deviously Black’ and is covered (HERE.)

If you are new to our sunbed salon and would like to look your best this party season then please do not hesitate to see Simona and her team at reception who will register you and help you get started.

‘It’s the season to be jolly and so can you when you look your best this season by coming along to Spalding’s best value tanning salon!