Top tanning queries right now.

Most of our clients are fully up to speed with their tanning strategy when using our sunbeds right now, but occasionally reminders pop up or some queries are made when we register new clients.

Do I use a Sun Protective Lotion during my sunbed session?

It is not advisable to use ‘SPF’s on an upright a laydown tanning machine as this will impede your timed exposure for your skin type. It is advisable however to wear an SPF outside because the sun’s UV output is not consistent and your exposure to the sun maybe untimed. The best option to use on a stand up or laydown sunbed is an indoor tanning lotion as described (HERE) .Sunbed acrylic panels do not like ingredients from anything other than authorised indoor tanning lotions so we much appreciate you from refraining using moisturisers, SPF’s and unauthorised tanning lotions etc. during your sunbed session. You may also be using something that is not good for your skin during your tanning session. Please use your suitable products until after your session. And don’t forget you can vend from our Spalding tanning salon foyer the worlds favourite indoor tanning lotion!

Are protective eyewear goggles essential?

Your eyelids and eyes are very sensitive parts of your body. Simply closing you eyes during a sunbed session will not provide the protection from UV rays that yours may need. Also wearing sunglasses on a sunbed is probably not your best option as they may not have sufficient UV filtering levels and may well give you a ‘Panda eye’ appearance that you may not appreciate. Take up our offer of free use of approved sunbed goggles in each of our sunbed cubicles, or if you would like your own personal sunbed goggles then you can vend these in our Spalding sunbed salon foyer.

Is a laydown sunbed better than a stand up tanner?

There are various urban myths regarding laying down or standing up when indoor tanning. These range from ‘legs tan better on a laydown’ and ‘it’s better tan to the upper body on a stand up because you can stretch up and hold the handles above your head’. Also you sometimes hear the perception that you can have ‘compression marks’ when laying on a sunbed over standing up during your tanning session. The other conversation sometimes is that some clients prefer a laydown for relaxation purposes and others prefer a stand up session as it feels more convenient and less ‘claustrophobic’. None of these are totally proven myths and one things for sure our clients do feel as though they do get a great tan on our tanning equipment. Maybe if you really want to be trendy when visiting our sunbed salon then why not alternate your sessions with standing up and laying down!

Many thanks to you all for your continued custom and we look forward to seeing you enjoying your sunbed sessions at ‘The Beach’ as usual.