Easy sunny winter break option

At this time of the year Spalding residents may not have to travel a very long way to experience some sun. Over the next few weeks we will pass on some of the best locations to go to which have been recommended by our clients who are travel agents. It may be worth keeping up your tan on our sunbeds just to get a cheeky break in!

The Canary Islands : You could be only a 4 hour flight away to these islands which are only 60 odd miles off the West African Coast. That location means you will get pretty much the same mean average temperature all year round – between 17 and 24 degrees. These popular Spanish colonies have a great holiday feel and each island has it’s own personality to choose from. There are 7 main islands Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Herrio.

Tenerife – The largest and probably the most touristy island has numerous beaches and resorts. It also hosts one of the worlds largest carnivals.

Fuerteventura –  A rugged island with notable appealing vegetation and wild life. Sandy beaches and popular resorts.

Gran Canaria – A variety of landscape features on this popular resort island.

Lanzarote – Popular for water sports, the volcanic features and aloe vera plants add to an ‘alien’ landscape. The smaller amount of beaches and resorts are still very popular.

La Palma –  Rugged with some forest locations and interesting volcanic terrain. It also has a Blue Flag award winning beach.

La Gomera – A unique culture awaits you here, together with a landscape populated by dwellings nestled in ravines.

La Herrio – The smallest of these islands, it is also protected for conservation purposes.

So, if you are a consistent tanner (HERE) then you know you are pretty much ready to go away to any of these islands of choice. If not then get yourself to our Spalding sunbed salon a good two/three weeks before you go to have your skin prepared for your cheeky break to the Canary Islands!