Warm weather tips

Why would you use a sunbed when it is hot and sunny outside? Well we are always very busy on our sunbeds at this time of the year and there are are a number of reasons for this. A lot of clients are probably getting ready to expose their skin abroad and are topping up their sessions for pre holiday tanning (HERE). Also some clients are working all day inside and do not have the opportunity to see the sun until it is falling in the evening. Coming to our sunbed salon before or after work is their only chance to receive those UV rays. Often when talking to our sunbed clients they tell us that it is difficult to achieve an all over tan by sunbathing, unless they can find somewhere to sunbathe naked! It’s also difficult to predict the exposure strength and length with the sun. Tanning on your favourite sunbed is timed and the UV exposure is a consistent dose. Also you can privately have a naked session on an indoor sunbed or standup machine!

Please remember though that when you are using an indoor tanning sunbed it is always wise to have the exposure minutes that suit your paler or whiter ‘bits’ (HERE). You may have different shades of skin on your body at this time of the year, particularly where your clothing normally fits.

Hydration is a big necessity when you are going into a hot environment during the summer weather. You need to drink plenty of water prior to and after your sunbed session so as not to risk feeling and falling ill. When you are hydrated your skin will also tan much better (HERE.)

‘Double tanning’ is something you need to avoid. If you have used an indoor sunbed or standup it is best to avoid sunbathing under the sun’s UV rays that same day. Similar the reverse is the same. You are at risk of over exposure to your skin cells (HERE.)

Use an indoor tanning lotion on a sunbed and a Sun Protection Factor lotion when outside. Indoor tanning lotions such as those sold in our Spalding sunbed salon foyer (HERE) perfectly help to assist with your skin’s ability to tan and keep hydrated. Using a Sun Protection Factor outside will help you not to over expose your skin cells to the sun’s rays. The lower your skin type (HERE) the higher ‘SPF’ number you need.

Keep up that sensible and happy tanning Spalding Tanners!