Five Reasons to keep up your tanning

Tanning during the winter seems like a funny notion, however it really makes sense when you consider the following.

Getting some light in your eyes is really going to perk you up and help combat seasonal adjustment to mood swings.

Deep body warmth from our sunbeds really helps during this time of the year and our tanning salon really counts as a ‘warm space’ right now!

Skin tone with minimal make up can keep foundation away from your woolly jumper neck lines, and you will look less sallow and natural.

Any extra Vitamin D from our sunbed lamps is a real bonus at this time of the year when the sun doesn’t shine.

If you keep consistent with your sunbed sessions all year round then you will not need to binge tan and panic, risking your skin by over tanning a few times a year.

Winter holidays abroad are very popular at the moment and if you have a base tan all year round you will be well prepared when exposing your skin to warmer climates this winter. Don’t forget the Canary Islands are only a 4 hour flight away and the temperature and UV is similar all year round there!

Let’s see you soon on our Spalding sunbeds and we hope you take up one of our great tanning offers this winter!