Five reasons to tan this winter.

Many people think that tanning in the winter is not on their agenda. Have a look below and see whether you feel you can benefit from using our sunbeds in our Spalding salon consistently during these winter months.

SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER – The UK has it’s fair share of differing seasonal climates, and therefore it’s hard for us to adjust our natural ability to climatize quickly when the day light and warmth is heading in the wrong direction. When we hit the tarmac for a well earned holiday in a hotter or sunnier climate it’s easy to feel much happier and more positive about life. We are only minutes away for you to feel great instantly on one of our powerful sunbeds.

ANTI ‘CHILLED TO THE BONE’ – There’s not much worse than getting really cold and feeling that chill right through your body. However, there’s nothing better than getting a blast of heat to warm you right up quickly than using one of our hot sunbeds. We are open 7 days a week, from early in the morning including evenings in the week. With no booking it really is easy to drop in for an impulse tanning session when you feel the need to get warm.

GYM ‘BOD’ SKIN TONE – There’s an abundance of gyms in Spalding, including one right at the beginning of our street. Wherever you train and exercise it’s still a good look to keep your base tan when checking your form in the gym mirrors. If you work hard for your body and fitness then don’t forget to show it off all year round in the gym with a great tan. With our long opening hours and easy street parking right outside our sunbed salon, you can easily fit a top up session on our high power sunbeds after your workout. It will also help your body get some recovery heat treatment after that tough workout.

PRE WINTER HOLIDAY PREP – If you are able to get away abroad during the UK winter period then warm and sunny climates maybe within your travelling reach. Top up your base tan so that your melanin, the pigment that tans, is near the surface of your skin so that you do not burn in a completely different and hotter climate than we have here now. Just drop in a bit more often for a couple of weeks on our sunbeds to make sure you look like a local abroad. And don’t forget if skiing is your thing then just a reminder that the UV rays are still strong on those sunny mountain tops!

CONSISTENT TANNING – Something we have spoken about before (HERE) is that consistent tanning rather than binge tanning will keep you melanin closer to you skin cells which means you can maintenance tan with less sessions regularly, rather than leaving time off and then binge tanning. Use our beds all year round on your maintenance minutes 2/3 times a fortnight and you will be able to top up that tan much quicker than those that don’t.

So let’s see you at the ‘Electric Beach’ these winter months for you to really enjoy long opening hours, great sunbeds and always upgraded lamps at our Spalding sunbed salon!