News from the ‘Beach’.

There are some exciting services for you now at our salon.

Joining Simona’s team is Evelina who will be more than happy to discuss with you her services that are on offer to Spalding Sunbed users, new clients and her existing customer base.

Mona Nail Art by Simona’s facebook is (HERE) and Make up Room by Evelina is (HERE).

The sunbeds provide a ‘warm place’ during these colder months and we know you will find Simona and her team will back that up with their naturally warm personalities in the Spalding salon!

Simona’s work has also appeared in our previous post (HERE) however we feel confidant that you will enjoy her services from the get go if you haven’t joined the hundreds of other happy clients.

It’s a great time to see Evelina this season as she offers great Halloween looks for all ages (HERE). Get that scary look that really stands out!

There are more team members joining Simona at the salon very soon and we will keep you up to date as usual when they arrive.

Have a great Halloween season everybody and really have a good time by getting your look just right by being consistent with your  sunbed sessions, getting some really individual and special nail art with Simona or that perfect look with Evelina!