Autumn tanning

There’s some great reasons for keeping your well earned tan this autumn, even if you are covered up a little more during the cooler months.

If you have been a consistent tanner as mentioned before (HERE) then you will know that keeping your melanin closer to your skin surface will mean that you can top up your colour much easier than someone who ‘binge tans’. By being a consistent tanner you will only need 2/3 sessions a fortnight to keep your colour and enjoy an all year tan.

Sometimes we feel a heat and light withdrawal that often comes from a seasonal change we experience here in the UK. Coming in for that suggested top on on our sunbeds will stimulate your desire for warmth and light, often referred to as ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’. It really is simple that our psychological  system can alter it’s moods purely from changes in the atmosphere we are experiencing. There’s nothing like heat and light to cheer us up and keep us feeling happier if if the weather is changing.

A healthy looking tan can also enhance some of your fashion choices this Autumn. The colours we wear during this period can often be those earthy colours that can work well with a tanned skin. It may well be that you will use less foundation also on your face which sometimes can rub off on your higher neck clothes this season.

If you are feeling a bit sluggish and have tired muscles and joints don’t forget that some heat from our sunbeds will give you that heat treatment that can really be beneficial to your body. If you experience this sometimes. particularly on a colder wetter day then drop in to our Spalding sunbeds for one of your sessions that day and really allow your body to have the recuperation it deserves.

Our sunbed salon here in Spalding opens 7 days a week, even during the cooler months, so there’s no excuse for not enjoying the benefits of Autumn tanning!