Top UK tanning tips right now.

The UK indoor tanning industry is very buoyant right now and the same can be said of Spalding tanners using our sunbed salon. There’s a number of reasons for this as we can inform you now.

One reason we and other busy sunbed salons are experiencing a large volume of clients is the normal skin preparation for the sunnier and hotter months here in the UK and for pre holiday tanning preparation for foreign vacations, something we have discussed before (HERE). Also, the desire to have a tanned skin when wearing summer clothes is another motivating factor for Spalding tanners and other sunbed users across the UK. One other reason is the post pandemic effect where consumers are coming out again to the new normal and making new decisions regarding what and where they want to spend their money.

So what are the top 5 tips that the UK tanning industry is discussing on forums and sharing between themselves right now?

Consistent tanning: Although there is an increase at this time of year in sunbed salons the upturn is not as dramatic as seen before. This is because the low periods seen in previous years are less so now due to sunbed users, including those in our Spalding salon, tanning more consistently throughout the year rather than binge tanning as discussed before (HERE).

Leaving at least a day in between sessions: As you know it’s the melanin that is the pigment that tans and not your skin cells. When your melanin is stimulated by UVA & UVB (HERE) it takes up to 36 hours for the melanin to respond fully from that exposure Also your skin cells will have time to settle so that you will not have a sun blasted look to your skin masking the lovely tan from your melanin pigment colour.

Applying a proper indoor tanning lotion: There’s nothing better than a professional looking tan rather than a forced looking tan. Your skin is the largest organ your body has and is very visible to others and therefore when your skin looks great and hydrated it can really be noticeable and rewarding. Our Spalding sunbed users are prolific tanning lotion users and we would like to think that that is why we have so many referrals joining us here at the Electric Beach. Our customers are our best adverts and enjoy the easy vend facility that we have at our sunbed salon dispensing the worlds largest and favourite lotion brand ‘Australian Gold’ (HERE).

Protective eyewear usage: Your eyes are very sensitive to UV light and your eyelids are also a more sensitive area of your skin. Don’t forget that UV penetrates your skin, including your eyelids, so gone are the days of just closing your eyes when using the tanning equipment. We have protective eyewear available in all our cubicles or you may want to buy your own personal set from our easy vend in the salon.

Drinking plenty of water: The sunbed cubicles are a hotter environment than you would normally experience on a day to day basis. If you are dehydrated before your session you will only become more dehydrated during your session and may experience being unwell afterwards (HERE). And don’t forget caffeine and alcohol don’t count as these dehydrate you! Please remember to drink plenty of water before and after your session.

Now that we are getting into the busiest part of the indoor tanning season you now can be a smart tanner by being a prepared tanner!