‘Double tanning’

It’s coming up to the sunniest and hottest time of the year here in the UK and right now our sunbeds have never been busier with existing and new customers getting their tans ready for the summer. But with all these positive rays about Spalding it may be worth taking the following into consideration during the warmer and sunnier months here in the UK.

One thing to remember is that there is a risk of ‘double tanning’ during this time. This is when you use a sunbed and on the same day you sunbathe outside exposing your skin to more UV rays. If you have built your melanin, the pigment that tans, close to your skin surface by being a consistent tanner (HERE) then you have a much better chance than others normally to accept the sun’s rays and not burn your skin cells. However with UV exposure being ‘doubled’ on the same day your melanin can only take so much and you are at risk of over dosing your skin no matter what. And don’t forget to consider your skin type (HERE) which means the lower your skin type the less time you should expose your skin to any UV light including outside.

If you do enjoy sunbathing outside in sunny Spalding this year then have a think about not ‘double tanning’. And when you do consider coming to our sunbed salon, leaving a day in between to rest your skin cells, please remember to consider the whiter or paler areas of your body. When you are using tanning equipment it’s always recommended that you tan for your ‘white bits’. That means you will not have too higher minutes for these areas of your body and your darker areas will still be topped up but with consideration.

And don’t forget your tanning cream (HERE) that you use for indoor tanning is not suitable for outside sun exposure and should only ever be used during your sunbed session. You need a sun protection factor lotion when tanning outside, the lower the skin type the higher the factor needed.

So, if you still want to be a pro, and a consistent tanner, just bear in mind that we have some sunnier months coming ahead. Now you can be a ‘clever’ consistent tanner!