UVA & UVB lamps.

We are famous for renewing our Spalding sunbed salon tanning lamps on a regular basis.

Right now we have both Laydowns ‘bedding’ in their new lamps and both Stand Ups lamps are still performing at their optimum level. How do we know? Well it’s all down to constantly appraising with our engineers to ensure Spalding tanners receive their best possible tan. We aim with our tanning lamp monitoring to ensure our lamps are changed before their UVA and UVB light performance diminishes.

So how does UV light help us to tan? Well hopefully if you have read our previous blogs regarding your skin and how it tans (HERE) and (HERE) it should make more sense about how the skin tans and how you can maintain your tan effectively and more consistently.

UV light comes in a number of forms, some of which make no difference for tanning your skin. You are not going to see your skin change colour standing under light bulbs and fluorescent light fittings! The UVC light from these does not have the range to penetrate your skin, which is why the tanning industry rely on fitting longer range UVA and UVB tanning lamps that you will also find are the UV’s emitted from the sun.

By getting the combination of UVA and UVB light just right, a professional sunbed tanning lamp is going to help increase your melanin production, which is your pigment that tans, and then colour that up when it comes to the surface of your skin. It’s your melanin pigment that tans and not your skin cells which is why it is important to use a salon with effective UVA and UVB tanning lamps.

So next time you are in your our sunbed salon, let those UVA’s and UVB’s stimulate your melanin production and tease it to the surface and colour it up by having the right minutes for your skin type (HERE).

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