Park and Tan

As you know our sunbed salon is right in the heart of Spalding along one of the towns favourite footfalls in the Crescent.

One thing that blights a town centre business is that there may not be enough parking facilities available close by. That’s what’s different about our neighbourhood here in the Crescent. There is more than adequate FREE street parking right outside our tanning salon in the Crescent and also in Priory Road (HERE) adjacent to our street.

If you want to stay some time longer in our market town after a tan then there are also some very convenient car parks close by.

Drapers place (HERE) pictured is Spalding’s newest and freshest car park which sits right opposite our sunbed salon. Easy access as you come to the beginning of the Crescent, you just turn right at the parking signs and into Francis street as shown on the link. Then just walk straight through the alley way right opposite our tanning salon. It’s also a good place to park for the Market on Tuesdays and Saturdays or for the rest of the town centre as you can walk through the ‘Hole in the Wall’ passage behind HSBC bank.

Vine Street car park (HERE) is easily accessed from the river side of Spalding. Vine Street leads onto the Crescent so you will only be a few minutes from the Electric Beach if you choose to park here. Again, it is nice and close to the town centre and you can walk through the ‘Hole in the Wall’ passage if you choose to stay longer and shop or have a coffee after your sunbed session. And if you are a trendy Electric car driver then Vine Street car park has charging points while you park.

Many of our sunbed clients walk or cycle to the salon also, but if you need to drive in then it really is well serviced when you need to have a planned or impulse tan or if you have an appointed with Best Lashes by Anna (HERE) or Mona Nail Artist (HERE) which are right inside the premises.