Pre summer tanning

Yes, it’s that time of the year when we all start to realise that we are way too pale to cope with the sunshine that’s coming our way!

Not only do we know that warmer climates mean hotter sun rays but the thought of bringing out our summer wardrobe also fills is with the dread that our skin tone is not up to it’s best to show off our summer fashions to the full.

This where good planning now will help you be well ahead of the game and not become a ‘binge’ tanner trying to force your skin to tan before you have increased your melanin production (the pigment that tans,) Hopefully you have remembered the blog about how the skin tans (HERE) and how much melanin your skin type produces (HERE) so that you can be more professional about preparing your skin for any hotter and sunnier weather that should be coming our way.

If you have your melanin tanning pigment closer to your skin surface by being a more consistent tanner throughout the year then you will be ready to top up that tan very quickly and look more like a local on holiday rather than a sun blasted and sorry tourist.

So now that travel restrictions are a lot easier for us to travel abroad from the pandemic, it’s the time to pop in to our Spalding sunbed salon and get that little top up you will need.

In one of our next blogs we will talk about hydrating and caring for your skin when you expose it to a more hotter climate than ours when you are away so that you know you have done as much as you can to be a ‘professional’ tanner.

And don’t forget we open 7 days a week with early opening and late closing weekdays which give you plenty of opportunity to use one of our sunbeds well in advance! Keep up to date about sunbed tanning in Spalding on this link right (HERE.)