UK indoor tanning trends.

Something we have noticed is that at our tanning salon in Spalding we are seeing a more consistent trade rather than huge peaks and troughs.

This also seems an industry wide trend, which may indicate that sunbed users not only in Spalding, but also throughout the UK as a whole are treating UV exposure as a more ongoing habit rather than blasting away just before an event or holiday. On our previous post ‘Consistent Tanner or Binge Tanner’ (HERE) there are obvious benefits to this application, and it will show with an ongoing healthier glow rather than polar skin tones.

This could be because most influential celebrities seem to always have that consistent healthy glow, which may mean that they are enjoying more time abroad in their second homes with a warmer climate than the rest of us! Noting that look, rather than the ‘blasted’ look, the days of rushing to the tanning salon for a sunbed on a Friday for the weekend are slipping away. Midweek tanning is now the trend.

What else is trending in the tanning industry right now across the UK? It’s the need for heat and light therapy!

During the winter months in the UK we just don’t get enough UV light exposure and it seems the UK trend for indoor tanning during these months is increasing year on year according to industry forums. We need UV light to function healthily and it’s now noticeable also in our sunbed salon that clients are using our tanning equipment to beat those winter ‘blues’ increasingly year on year. And there’s nothing like the feeling of warmth on your body when you are chilled to the bone. It’s a real boost to the morale!

So it’s good to know our clients are behaving in a trendy way, and we are sure they will do so in the future also. And don’t forget that we are famous for renewing our sunbed and stand up lamps all year round no matter what the month, so you can be sure no matter what time of the year you use our tanning equipment you will always enjoy the best tan possible

Keep watching here for all the latest tanning industry trends so that you can stay being a ‘trendy’ tanner!