Tanning lotions – are they worth it?

We all envy those people who not only have their best colour, but also their best skin. They just look a lot more professional don’t they?

Your skin is the largest organ your body has and therefore deserves the attention you can give it to look good and feel great.

So what can you do to look like a ‘professional’ when exposing your skin to UV at our sunbed tanning salon? Well it’s all in the preparation! Once you have determined your skin type (HERE) you then need to appreciate how you can care for your skin and enjoy a much more upmarket looking tan.

Using a tanning lotion is probably one of the mostly greatly underestimated benefits for you to have a great tan. It’s a bit like going through the effort to cook a great meal and then you forget to season it, all that time wasted for a bland meal.

Here at our sunbed salon we sell the world’s largest and favourite lotion brand ‘Australian Gold’ (HERE). There are some really horrid and ineffective tanning lotions out there, but one things for sure is that’s not the case with Australian Gold. They have been skin care experts for over 30 years, using predominately Australia’s indigenous plants.

Australian Gold tanning lotions lock in the moisture so that your skin is more hydrated when tanning and reacts better to the tanning process without getting that dried out looking skin. It will glow and look and feel healthier by applying their tanning lotions which contain their special moisturisers that don’t get in the way of your tanning session. Biosine Complex®, is an advanced combination of Tea Tree Oil, Olive Oil and Panthenol, – allowing your natural pigmentation process to tan you faster and darker. Tea Tree Oil also works to prevent after-tan odours from occurring, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh after you tanning session. Enriched with Vitamins, the lotions help to soften and nourish your skin for a strong, yet silky smooth tanning canvas and is very quickly absorbed into your skin. No ‘sticky’ tanning lotions here!

It’s easy to buy Australian Gold in Spalding as it’s easy vend right in the foyer of our sunbed salon. Are you now going to add serious value to your tanning session and look like a ‘professional’? Give them a try and you will probably never look back.