Nails and art!

Personal embellishing and enhancing is becoming a fine art and the beauty of which is in the eye of the beholder.

Spalding is a town that has it’s fair share of services in this sector, but there are some considerations to take on board before you spend your hard earned money on something that you will see everyday.

Quality of work is a paramount factor, and when it comes to nail art you need work that lasts and keeps giving you satisfaction every day before your next required session.

Flexible finishes and designs can allow you to ‘mood’ apply. Unlike skin ink art which you have to stick with, your nail design can match your mood, event or festivity requirements. Subtle, stand out or just simply stunning you have the choice to go your way at that time.

Progressive services are also important if you want to stay loyal to your technician. As they improve and expand, so the services that they can offer you can also and that means you benefit long term.

Here at our sunbed salon you too can find a forever home for your nail art by joining the care and attention of Simona who runs her business Mona Nail Art (HERE) right here on our premises. ‘Doing nails is something that I really enjoy. I love being able to come up with a design that pleases my clients and seeing them leave happier and more confident than when they came in.’ Simona has built a reputation for ensuring her techniques are right up to date by continuous education and qualification, together with constant research within the industry, which comes from genuine passion.

Therefore if you are in the mood to change your mood then there’s nothing safer than enjoying great nail art that you will never regret. And, it’s all under one roof with  Best Lashes by Anna (HERE), a successful and busy business providing lashes and brows enhancements and the Electric Beach (HERE) offering the best sunbeds and stand ups at the best prices in Spalding!