Do you have your best brows and lashes?

Natural enhancements are very vogue at the moment, it seems better to work with what you have rather than alter yourself so much that you no longer look like you any more.

Your lashes and brows are there for a reason, mainly as the first line of protection against airborne debris etc. They are, together with your eyes, probably your major focal point on first contact and during face to face communication. When it comes to getting noticed the eyes have it!

Like all enhancements to your image some are less successful than others, although beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

If you are looking for a more natural enhancement to your eye appearance then you may want to look no further than Anna who operates her very busy and successful business Best Lashes by Anna (HERE) in her salon next to Spalding’s favourite sunbed/ solarium salon.

Anna is an international lash master of repute and has won many awards and competitions throughout Europe. Her mantra is to enhance your appearance without the reliance and expense of make up. The image shown is a collage of actual work from Anna on her clients, but the best way to appreciate her work is by liking her page on Facebook .

Anna says – ‘I do my job with pleasure, and help to wake up my clients looking always beautiful and saving time in the morning, without wasting time and money on too much makeup.’

Over the next few weeks we will keep you posted on Anna’s work, showcasing the dedication that she offers to her huge, loyal client base that always return when they need to keep their natural appearance maintained.

If you want to look at your most natural appearance then come and have a proper tan on our great sunbeds at the Electric Beach, and a proper lash and eyebrow treatment right here all under one roof with Best Lashes by Anna!