What is your skin type?

On a previous post we spoke about that your melanin is the pigment that tans and colours when it is raised to your skin surface. It is often misjudged that you tan your skin cells, and this where UV worshipers can really see how that can be detrimental to your skin. Your melanin needs to be near the surface of your skin because that is the pigment that colours up when you are exposed to UV. Check out our previous blog on this important subject matter (Binge tanner or consistent tanner?)

When it comes to  production we all produce different quantities of melanin and this is normally described as your ‘Skin Type.’ Skin types are predicted by your genetics, your parents skin type or your country of origin where evolution has protected you from certain geographical climates.

So what Skin Type are you? Check out the link highlighted or look below to see which type you are.

Skin Type 1 – Very pale skin, never tans and burns very easily. Minimal melanin production.

Skin Type 2 – Pale skin, rarely tans and can burn easily. Minor amount of melanin production.

Skin Type 3 – White/ light brown skin, gradually tans and can burn occasionally. Has more melanin production.

Skin Type 4 – Medium brown skin, tans easily and hardly ever burns. Has a lot of melanin production.

Skin Type 5 – Dark brown skin, quickly darkens and very rarely burns. Has a lot more melanin production.

Skin Type 6 – Black skin, tans very dark and probably never burns. Has very high melanin production.

So how do you tan with UV for your skin type? Well the bad news for Skin Type ones is that you should not expose your skin to UV rays. There just isn’t enough melanin production for you to tan and you will damage your skin cells. You may want to opt for spray tanning and also play safe please by wearing that factor 50 sun cream when outside in the sun.

For all other Skin Types you need to start on low minutes to bring your melanin to the skin surface and then the higher the Skin Type you have will allow you to expose your skin to more time with UV.

Just think of your Skin Type as muscle size and strength. The larger and stronger your muscles are the higher weight on a dumbbell rack you can use and visa versa.

Don’t forget if you want to get started using our sunbeds or stand ups, then we will provide you with a skin type assessment and strategy.