Simply the best.

You can vend Australian Gold ‘Gelee’ right from the foyer in our Spalding sunbed salon for only £2 per satchet or £14 for a 250ml bottle.

All the benefits of using Australian Gold tanning lotions were highlighted in our previous post (HERE) and ‘Gelee’ is no exception!

It’s great also for men who use sunbeds as the lotion absorbs quickly into the skin, but doesn’t ‘matt down’ body hair.

‘Gelee’ is formulated with Native Australian Oils and Vitamin E, this unique formula has the tanning power of an oil, the moisturisation of a lotion, but the clean, fresh feel of a gel. Overall, this formula promises enhanced, natural colour.

Hemp Seed Oil provides skin with the optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids that help to condition and moisturise for a radiant, youthful glow. Whilst moisturising oils such as Olive Oil – the closest simulator to sebum – and antioxidant-rich Tea Tree Oil nourish skin for a gorgeous glow.

A mixture of Vitamins A and E help fight free radicals for rejuvenated skin.

Fragrance: Classic Cocoa Dreams.

Australian Gold is the world’s leading and favourite sunbed salon tanning lotion manufacturer and we feel privileged that we have offered this brand for over 20 years to our Spalding sunbed users. The fact that we have repeat sales time after time ensures that this lotion brand stands the test of time.

‘Gelee’ runs ‘Accelerator’ (HERE) very closely as our top seller and has all the benefits and more. It’s not sticky and absorbs quickly with no bad after smells.

If your current lotion doesn’t stack up then it’s time to vend from our foyer right now!

So next time you’re in Electric Beach to use our sunbeds and stand ups try a ‘Gelee’ satchet as a sample and then you might end up buying a bottle!