Latest tanning trends.

The UK’s tanning industry is very buoyant right now and that is also showing as a trend with our Spalding sunbed users.

The top 3 UK tanning trends right now are 1: new clients pre holiday tanning (HERE), 2: existing clients keeping up their sessions to ensure their melanin is close to the skin surface (HERE) and 3: the growing use of indoor tanning lotions for a more professional looking  and hydrated tanned skin (HERE).

New clients pre holiday tanning seems to have really started early here at our Spalding sunbed salon and it is encouraging also that our new clients are tanning for their skin type (HERE) and starting early enough to bring their melanin to the skin surface over time ready for the exposure while on holiday (HERE).

Existing clients are continuing to keep the melanin (the pigment that tans) close to the surface by tanning consistently (HERE), around 2 – 3 times a fortnight, and are becoming more educated and caring when it comes to their skin care.

Not only is tanning safely and consistently one of the top UK tanning trends right now, as well as here at our Spalding sunbed salon, the growing use of indoor tanning lotions is also growing as clients become more educated and sophisticated about their tanned skin. Gone are the days of a sun blasted skin look and in is a more sophisticated wealthier looking tan to the skin tone.

Indoor tanning lotions are like any other product or shopping option, there’s the excellent, the good, the bad and the right down ugly lotions out there! You certainly pay for what you get with tanning lotions and it really shows when you look at peoples tanned skin quality. Similar to top hair products, you can’t beat a proper tried and tested quality product that you can trust. That’s why here at our sunbed salon you can purchase the world’s leading and favourite indoor tanning brand ‘Australian Gold’ by easy vend in our foyer! (HERE)

We will be covering the Australian Gold products in more detail very soon but in the meantime please continue to enjoy your tanning here at our Spalding sunbed salon by being a trendy tanner and don’t forget to like our page on facebook (HERE) to keep up with more news!